A Well Deserved BreACK and Happy Birthday Jack Morea

I think it’s so important to break away from the everyday work/ workout routine and get away once in a while.  It was very challenging to find the time for this with such a busy summer but I was able to escape to my favorite island for a supersize weekend last week for some fun on Nantucket.  I’m lucky enough to find my way there a few times each year and always have the time of my life.  In my opinion, ACK has the best of everything – beaches, bike trails, restaurants and the most entertaining cast of characters. 
We arrived Wednesday evening and went to sleep early after a simple dinner down the street.  I woke up the next morning so excited to start the day on Nantucket and knowing I had a great few days ahead of me.  The weather on the island is very strange and no matter what the weather report says, it’s completely unpredictable.  We had a bike ride planned for Thursday morning but as I drove to get some breakfast I noticed a giant dark cloud threatening those plans.  Not 30 minutes later the cloud was gone, the sun was out and we had a gorgeous day for our ride.   


We were staying by the airport and first rode out to the west point of the island on the Madaket Rd Bike Path.  Nantucket is very bike friendly and there are paths everywhere perfect for cycling or running around the island.  It was beautiful and most of the time we were able to stay away from any traffic at all making me much more comfortable.   We made it to Madaket and tried to bike out toward Smith Point but it was very sandy.   I dumped my bike trying to clip out on sand and we decided it was a good time to turn around and head for an early lunch at Millie’s – famous for its yummy fish tacos.  I could have stayed there all day but we hopped back on the bikes and headed to ‘Sconset at the other end of the island.  I was doing really well on the bike at this point and had been able to keep up with Jared most of the time but the best way to get to Milestone Rd and head to Sconset is to go through the dreaded rotary so we went for it.  I had a few panicky moments and had to jump off and walk at one particularly terrifying intersection but the important part is that I tried, I did my best and I didn’t cry. 

Almost Smith Point

Milestone Rd is a straight shoot to Sconset on another nicely paved and safe bike path, but its crazy boring (BFT – boring and forever taking).  The only fun along the way is looking out to the Serengeti Walking Trails to see the wooden animal cut outs – but they were gone!  We finally make it Sconset and stopped at the Summer House for a drink and a snack before heading back home.  The ride in total was probably about 25 miles and the longest I’ve ridden in a very long time but it was a great way to spend the early part of the day. 


Not wanting to waste the beautiful day we showered and headed into town to peek in at the beautiful shops.  The clothing in the Nantucket boutiques is gorgeous and when I win the lottery someday I am going to spend a full week indulging at all my favorites like Milly and Grace and The Lovely.  I did splurge on a pretty beach coverup and a fun ring at Ocean Treasure.  Tatiana there makes all the jewelry and has such fun glass and pearl pieces. Read more about her on  Nantucket BlACKbook.  Dinner was at the beautiful Oran Mor which we had been planning to try for a while and I’m so happy we made it a priority this season.  The menu is amazing and it was so hard to narrow it down – we were wishing there were more people with us so we could try everything!  We ended the night by catching up with friends at Lola 41 before heading home. 

We had decided earlier in the week to do our long run on Friday morning since a) we could and b) the chances were good that Friday could be a big night and it might be a challenge to get up the next morning.  Jared did a great job planning a route that took us to Cliff Road and up to Dionis Beach and we would come back along the Madaket Bike Path.  We had water throughout the route and a bathroom half way.  Unfortunately, it was very warm Friday morning and we didn’t leave as early as we had hoped.  Plus, my legs were tired from the previous day’s bike ride so I did struggle quite a bit.  Regardless, we were able to complete a 15 mile long run and after spending some time hydrating and resting back at home, I was ready to continue enjoying my island time.  We finished up the afternoon with a quick trip the beach and to Cisco Brewery where we tried the new Blue Blerry Bleer which is being sold to benefit a new Hummock Pond Rd Bike Path that we are looking forward to enjoying next year. 

The beautiful Summer House

Dinner on Friday was at CRU, a brand new island hotspot this season.  It’s a great location on the water and we sat at the bar enjoying a beautiful and delicious meal.  We toured some of the favorite bars in town, as many of our friends were back on island for the weekend, and finally found our way home in the early hours of the morning.  As predicted, it was difficult to wake up on Saturday but it started out a beautiful morning so I forced myself out of bed to enjoy a bit of the day.  Jared went for a bike ride and I took a quick trip into town with a friend but soon after I opted to nap a little while longer so I would be well prepared for another big night.  

We saved the best for last and had two seats at the bar reserved at The Pearl Saturday night.  As I mentioned, Nantucket boasts many of the best restaurants in the country but The Pearl remains my favorite.  The food is amazing, the atmosphere is always fun and the people are terrific.  We headed downstairs to the rockin’ dance party at Boarding House to finish up the night. 

I can’t claim that a trip to Nantucket for me is always relaxing but it was a well deserved break from the norm and I was spoiled with great weather, great food and always great company.  I know I won’t stay away long!
Happy Birthday Jack Morea
My hero, Jack Morea, ready to kick some butt
because he’s healthy, strong and awesome!

Several entries ago, I introduced everyone to my friend Jack Morea.  Jack was born with a complicated liver disease called biliary atresia that affects infants.  Jack’s life was saved when doctors were able to perform a live liver transplant using a piece of his father’s liver.  Jack turned 10 years old on Monday and is stronger, healthier and more awesome than ever.   I am running the 2012 New York City Marathon on November 4th for the American Liver Foundation to support people affected by liver disease, just like Jack and his family.  Funds raised will increase education, advocacy and funding for treatments like the surgery that saved Jack.  Please consider a contribution to my campaign and help me reach my goal by race day by visiting my Fundraising Page.  


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