Its On

Less than a week ago my pre race stressors were things like how many Gu’s should I bring, what will I wear and how am I going to find my family after the race.  Then the weather reports started getting serious about Hurricane Sandy and its journey up the east coast.  I was a little worried that my power might go out (it didn’t) and that my long awaited hair cut might get cancelled (it didn’t).  I even got a bonus day off when my office was closed on Monday.  For me, Sandy was just an inconvenience…and then I saw the coverage of the devastation in New Jersey and New York.  My heart went out to everyone who was affected and I felt blessed that I was so removed from the damage.

Since we were almost a full week before the NYC Marathon I first assumed everything would go as planned – this is New York City, there isn’t anything they can’t handle, but the more information I read and news coverage I watched I started to form doubts.

I admit I am somewhat selfish.  I’ve strategically trained for months.  I’ve been watching the forecast, which is predicted to be perfect running weather.  I’ve paid hundreds of dollars in race fees and have hotel reservations.  Most importantly, I really really want to run this marathon.  But I also want to do what’s right and would hate for my race to have a negative impact on the people that have already suffered.

The city of New York, the NYRR and Mayor Bloomberg have decided that upholding the long standing tradition of the New York City Marathon is the right thing to do and the race will in fact go on as planned.  I will proudly be there wearing bib # 27439 and ready to run my butt off for New York.  Inspired by the city’s perseverance I’ll be motivated more than ever through the challenging 26.2 mile course.  It’s certain to be an unforgettable experience and hopefully an opportunity for NYC to celebrate their strength to overcome anything.

I am running for the American Liver Foundation’s team and I’m very proud that I was able to raise over $2500 for that cause, but as of today my marathon will be dedicated to the City of New York and the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  This will no doubt be a race to remember and I promise to make the Big Apple proud.

To help support New York-area storm relief and recovery efforts, please go to the Mayor’s Fund or go to CrowdRise to make a donation.

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