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It’s been almost a month since my last post.  I’ve had plenty to write about – the Hyannis Half, a perfect weather 18 miler, or my short vaca to Punta Cana when I packed workout clothes for every day I would be there and then didn’t exercise once – unless 20 minutes of mini-golf count.  The problem is, I haven’t been able to find a topic I want to focus on because this blog is primarily about running and right now… I hate running.  My feet are sore, it’s still cold out most mornings, its dark early again since the time change, my ipod playlist is stale, whaaa.  I’m officially burned out.


I did see this coming.  Boston will be my 4th marathon in 12 months which for some is no big deal (Larry Macon, T-Rex – I’m looking at you two) but for me, it was aggressive.   Now, I have to focus on staying in the game for the next month and half getting ready for Boston.

To break out of my whiny attitude I’ve compiled a list of fun things to look forward to in the last weeks of training:

New Bedford Half Marathon – This coming weekend I’m racing this half which will be a nice change of scenery from the marathon course.  It’s a great route with some manageable hills and I’ve performed well in this race before. If I have a good day it could boost my confidence for the marathon and maybe help me out of this rut.  Last year’s New Bedford Half Race Report

Spring – the first day of spring is March 20.  That doesn’t mean it won’t still be cold and it doesn’t even guarantee no more snow but at least we are headed in the right direction.  I’m so excited to start shedding layers of gear.  I love those first couple of morning runs where I think ‘Hey, I’m not freezing, that’s weird and awesome’.  When the temperature rises and the days get longer running becomes much easier logistically and enjoyable all around.

The 21 Miler – Each year on the Saturday three weeks out from Boston the course looks like a runner’s festival.  Most runners choose this day to run their longest training run and my charity team will bus us out to the start in Hopkinton so we can run the first 21 miles of the course.  I haven’t been out to Hopkinton since my last Boston in 2011 so it will be a nice reminder of the first half of the route.  More importantly, there are so many runners, supporters and volunteers out that day you can’t help but feel a positive energy.

I'm sure Heartbreak Bill will be out for the 21 Miler
I’m sure Heartbreak Bill will be out for the 21 Miler

The Taper – I know a lot of runners who complain about the taper and how it makes them moody because they are not running as much.  I’ve always thought this was totally insane.  I love not running as much and resting more.  It’s like my favorite thing in the world.

Foster the People has a new album dropping on March 18 which will perk up my ipod a bit.

More Unicorns – I love shopping, especially at the Boston Marathon Expo.  It’s like a pop up runners mall. I already have my eye on a couple of commemorative pieces for Boston 2014.  Although, I’m not planning to get the ‘Celebration Jacket’ that has received so much attention, I’m sure I’ll end up with some more official B.A.A. gear to add to my collection.  I always tend to leave for several pairs of socks too.  Such fun!

Jared and me rocking matching unicorn jackets (2011)
Jared and me rocking matching unicorn jackets (2011)

On April 22, the pressure is off – I don’t intend to stop running but without a full marathon on the calendar I feel like I can finally relax.  My long runs can drop down to single digits and if I feel like taking a day just to be lazy there won’t be as hefty a price to pay later.  I have lots of great races after Boston to look forward to including the 2nd Annual Taylors Triumph and my first ever Ragnar Relay so I’ll still need to put in some miles but with minimal pressure.

I love the Boston Marathon – The next five weeks are going to fly by and then marathon weekend will be here.  It’s such an incredible atmosphere to be a part of and it’s been a couple of years since I have experienced it as a runner.  I want to be sure that I take it all in, enjoying the opportunity to be a part of this special race.


Who else is experiencing some burnout?  How do you combat it?  Please share!


5 thoughts on “Burnout”

  1. Hi, I’m running New Bedford and Boston also. My club runs 22 miles from Hopkinton to BC each year. It’s a good test run.
    I’m excited, but feel under prepared for this race. 37 days I think? Gulp.

    1. Good luck to you in New Bedford this weekend! It looks like we have the same training plan leading up to the big race. Let’s just try and stay healthy so we are ready to go on 4/21. Thanks for reading.

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