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Welcome Back

Hello and welcome or welcome back.  In the spring of 2012 I launched the Run Like A Girl blog to document my life as a runner.  Specifically, at that time to document my life as a runner training for the 2013 NYC Marathon.  To my delight the blog become popular among family and friends as well as fellow runners across the country and beyond (according to my wordpress stats).  Eventually, life shifted as it always does and priorities changed.  Before today my last blog post was in Dec of 2015. 

In the rapid 4 years since we ran the 14th Annual Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Road Race I have gotten married, endured 18 months of infertility treatments, moved…twice, became a born-again bookworm, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, left my full time job, got a new part-time job, and published my first article.  There have been many other amazing victories and also hardships but all in all life is amazing. 

In early 2019 at a routine physical, my doctor asked me if I had any goals for the year.  I thought for a moment and came up with two: I wanted to run a half marathon (a distance I had not tackled since before my infertility treatments) and I wanted to start writing again, ideally writing something that would be published.  In October of that year I ran the Nantucket half marathon and in November I wrote an article documenting my infertility journey which was published by online magazine Living The Second Act. 

2019 Nantucket Half Marathon

I was humbled and immensely proud of the feedback I received from my first published article and decided to make writing a priority in my life again so here we are.  The name of the blog has been updated to reflect the new content I anticipate sharing with you – my writing, my reading and glimpses of my life as a mother – but my style and willingness to invite you into my life remains the same. You can look forward to better site design and a lot more content in the coming weeks but for now…thank you for reading.

In case you were wondering.  Sure, I am still running though not as often and not as far but my Sauconys are always there for me when I need them and it remains a great joy to me when I get out there. 

Thank you in advance for joining me.  I’m so excited to be back.