Stitch Fix #2 – October 2014

I posted last month that I recently joined Stitch Fix and while this was primarily a blog about running I wanted to share my experiences with the styling service.  Read about my first Fix here.

Stitch Fix is a subscription personal styling service that allows you to try on clothes in your own home.  After completing a detailed profile about your size, style, pricing preferences and what type of items you want to receive or do not want to receive you are shipped a box with five pieces.  The service is $20 which includes shipping. Once you receive the five items you try them on and decide what to keep and return the rest in the pre-addressed shipping envelope (returns are also free).  You can subtract the $20 fee from anything you purchase but you are not refunded if you decide to send everything back.  If you purchase all five items you get a 25% discount.

Last week I received my second Fix shipment.  I had noted to my stylist that I would like to receive more items for the fall and maybe even something similar to the skirt I received last month but was too small. A few days before I was able to peek at my check out and get an idea of what was on its way – a skirt, two blouses, a cardigan sweater and a ‘cheetah print scarf’.  I was excited to try on everything but when I saw cheetah print I immediately thought that would be the first to end up in the Return pile.  (foreshadowing)

Its here!
Its here!

Here are the items that arrived in my second Stitch Fix box:

Fun2Fun Damon Sheer Detail Key-Hole Blouse ($44.00)

I really liked this mustard color sleeveless blouse and think it will be very versatile year-round.  The color is different than most of my other tops and I can wear it with a skirt and open cardigan or blazer for work or with jeans to be more casual.  The fit was great and cost was reasonable.  Kept!

Photos are still terrible.  Sorry.
Photos are still terrible. Sorry.

Daniel Rainn Lolitta Boat Neck Tab-Sleeve Blouse ($68.00)

Overall this is a pretty blouse and I love the color but it was too big and boxy on me.  Also, I recently bought a blouse in the same color that fits much better.  I liked the style so I should let my stylist know that in a different color and smaller size this probably would have been a winner.  I sent this one back.

Pretty boat neck blouse that was too big

Three Dots Stavros V-Neck Button-Up Cardigan ($108.00)

My assumption is that in every Fix shipment there is going to be an item I struggle with (last month it was the pants).  This month it was a really cute old school button cardigan that was so soft and comfortable.  If I thought I would wear it all the time I would have gladly purchased it and if it was less expensive I would probably have bought it just for weekends or hanging around the house.  Or if it was an open cardigan that didn’t hang as baggy that would have worked too.  Honestly, as I’m writing this I’m second guessing my decision to send it back but I don’t think I would have been able to dress it up enough for work to make it versatile. It was so soft.


A clearer photo of the sweater.
A clearer photo of the sweater.

Papermoon Charissa Pleated Swing Skirt ($58.00)

I really just didn’t like this skirt very much.  It was a tight elastic waistband that fit fine but the length was kind of awkward and I tried pairing it with several different tops I had but nothing looked right.  The pleats just didn’t do it for me.  I didn’t have much of a problem letting this one go.


Echo Dalen Cheetah Print Infinity Scarf ($58.00)

Like I said, I wasn’t really looking forward to this piece but when I pulled it out of the box I fell in love with it.  The material is so soft and cozy and the print is actually adorable.  I don’t have any animal print in my wardrobe so it’s very different from the dozens of scarves I already have and the colors are subtle so it’s not the animal print I feared.  Love! Kept!


I’m pleased with the pieces that this month’s stylist, Summer, chose for me and happy that there were a couple of great items to keep.  For my November shipment I’ve requested some items for holiday events and promised to update my Pinterest Board to give my stylist ideas.

I love hearing about everyone’s experiences with Stitch Fix so please share in the comments.  Feel free to let me know if I made a big mistake sending that sweater back.  Its chilly today so I’m missing it already.  .

To learn more about Stitch Fix or set up your first shipment click here!