The NYC marathon has been on the short list of races I plan to do for a while now.  Rumor has it the crowd support along the course rivals Boston – I’ll believe it when I see it.  There is no doubt something special about New York City, a unique electricity that I feel every time I visit.  I can only imagine the energy during marathon weekend. 
I entered the lottery months ago, when a fall marathon was the last thing on my mind, and I was just hoping my hamstring strain would allow me to shuffle the Eastern States 20 miler and finish the BAA 5k with a decent time.  Finally the weather started to get warmer, my injury healed and Boston (marathon) came and went.  I waited with bated breath on ‘opening day’ for the NYC Marathon to see if my lucky number was picked.  It wasn’t.  Lucky for me some friends at ALF are willing to welcome me back to the liver family with open arms and I am thrilled to part of the Liver Life Challenge NY team. 
There is a lot of work to do in the next six months.  I plan to show up on race day healthy, strong and ready to enjoy the ride but the journey to get there will be a tough one.  I also want to do the best I can to support ALF and the great work they do fighting liver disease and educating communities about liver health. 
If you would like to support my fundraising campaign please visit my WEBPAGE and THANK YOU!

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