In honor of Laura and today being the anniversary of losing her I’m reposting this very special entry from Run Like A Girl. Good Luck to everyone running Boston this month for the American Liver Foundation and thank you.

Reading, Writing and Nursery Rhymes

These are the moments – These are the Times – Let’s Make the Best Out Of Our Lives
I often think of these lyrics as the last words Laura Linehan spoke to me.  Standing at Mt Auburn Cemetery surrounded by her friends, her family, and everyone that loved her, the song played as we said goodbye.  It was a specific request that if she wasn’t to survive this battle she had been fighting for so long, to play the song at her funeral. 
In 2005 I decided I wanted to run another Boston Marathon but had no idea how I would score a number like I did two years before, by luck.  A friend told me to call the American Liver Foundation to see if they had entries.  I completed the application and sent it in, then emailed, and then called and called again until finally they agreed to…

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